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What should be considered in drug logistics?

It is an integral part of the pharmaceutical logistics health sector, from transporting drugs and medical materials to timely delivery of orders. In order to ensure that logistics operations are carried out efficiently and safely, it is important to know the issues to be considered. In this blog, we will take a look at what should be taken into consideration when it comes to pharmaceutical logistics to meet industrial standards and regulations.

What is medicine logistics?

Pharmaceutical logistics is the process of organizing, managing and conducting transportation for pharmaceutical products such as drugs and medical equipment. In abroad sense, it covers international cold chain drug exports from producers to wholesalers and retailers. It includes efforts to reduce deterioration, provide temperature control and provide rapid delivery with minimal damage. The pharmaceutical industry is greatly reassuring this consistent supply chain management in order to provide effective treatments to its customers.

When evaluating a pharmaceutical logistics provider, its versatility in terms of services provided; Special solutions for the special needs of customers; The experience of addressing different product types; Global access; Cost efficiency; Customer service; It is important to take into account storage facilities and transportation expertise. Many companies have specialized in certain areas such as air transportation or sea transportation, so you can consider working with experts when choosing your provider.

It is also important to ensure that the company that provides the service meets all legal requirements related to shipping safety, export controls and environmental protection standards. It is obliged to inform its customers about the appropriate handling procedures of sensitive products such as companies, vaccines and drugs. Furthermore, any damage caused by incorrect handling may cause serious financial losses, so they should be able to exhibit well in handling processes.

How to make cold chain drug logistics?

Cold chain pharmaceutical logistics is an important issue to consider when sending drug exports beyond the border. The product does not need to be followed only from the starting point to delivery and customs, but also must remain at a temperature arranged during the journey. In order to perform this task, companies must have access to reliable temperature controlled shipping and storage.

Temperature -controlled containers are specially designed for safe transportation of cold chain drugs and other products requiring certain environmental conditions. These containers have various sizes, different types of insulation types and climate controls. Depending on the type of referral or product type, certain requirements such as UV protection or moisture control for long -term storage may be required for sensitive products.

Costs associated with cold chain drug logistics may vary greatly depending on the location, volume and duration of the relevant shipment. Companies should take into account the costs of packaging, transportation, temperature regulation, insurance and storage when planning international shipments. They should also take into account the valid import/export fees requested by the local authorities.

In order to ensure that transport tasks containing cold chain drug logistics are successfully completed, companies usually do these services to third parties. For example, many organizations prefer to use fulfilling centers that offer comprehensive solutions including packaging, labeling and specially designed shipment options.


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