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As Pharmanova, we complete the process with every stage in order to provide solutions to the pharmaceutical needs of all countries. It supplies the products you demand correctly; We get permission by making quality checks. We determine the shipping options according to the storage conditions of the medicines, products and deliver them to you as soon as possible with affordable costs. In all these processes, our expert team gives you 24/7 support.

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As the Pharmanova family, we export the drugs and medical materials that have a strong position in the national health market to the world. During the export process, we consider the needs of our business partners at the transportation and customs point. We aim to provide the most favorable conditions in all moments of air, land, sea and rail transport. At the point of safe delivery, we place the care care of the work in the first place considering each detail. In order to satisfy our business partners, we are working with innovation in the background.

Yeniden İhract

Re -export

Thanks to our long years of experience, we have strong partnerships in the international arena. Thanks to our wide and distinguished supplier portfolio, we supply medical, medicine and health products to 3rd countries. Based on our experiences in the supply phase, we follow and implement the procedures completely. At every stage of the process, we put the official foundations in a solid way considering the confidentiality contracts. We offer support to our business partners at every stage of the process.

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